find your favorite favicon

interview yourself

find work that looks like your own

make a software wishlist

organize an archival system for your own estate

animate sunshine

record your time spent online for a year

download expensive video art for free

modify the history of a well-known dead artist

modify a webcam

find the cheapest delivery pizza in the world

start an ebay shop selling local tapwater

invent the next 10 great devices

make a painting of your favorite website

make a song called "ubiquity"

generate money by ads or donations or whatever

insult someone on a forum

make an essay about how the internet has changed your perception of reality

make an essay about the usage of composition and color on the internet

find the most boring website ever

make a website that feels like its under water

create a private social network just for you

upload your body of work to a torrent website

create press about yourself on art review sites

create your own wikipedia entry

find the dust of the internet

twitter speed race

make a logo for the internet

make a drawing of the entire internet

animate a raindrop

make an online selfportrait

make a facebook quiz

make 100 blogs in one day

find the most expensive domain name

find the longest taken domain name

find the coolest available domain name

find the shortest available domain name

make a poem called "why i love the internet"